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Field Prep Spraying

Field Prep Spraying

Proper timing on spraying can make the difference when it counts…at the bank with higher price for quality product without weed seed.

Using Gypsum after harvest will replenish your soil and get your fields ready for next year’s crops.  Gypsum will help with the biological growth of your soil which will in turn help with seedlings emergence and growth. Gypsum also helps with soil compaction. By loosening your soil, it will allow the nutrients to be released into the ground for later growth. Gypsum also ties up all of the extra magnesium aluminum, and sodium. With this the sulfur and magnesium find each other and bond together to make magnesium sulfate. Along with all of the other benefits of gypsum, it also will help with water infiltration and captivity. This will improve the root tolerance to drought. Farmers that have used gypsum have said they are able to lower their fertilizer amounts while still increasing their yields. Some have even said they have lowered the amount of fuel they use. Another good thing is that gypsum is not a chemical, it works by stimulating growth. Gypsum reduces surface sealing of the soil and allows the oxygen into the soil. You have many years of nutrients built up in your soil just sitting there awaiting to be released. Gypsum basically helps release these nutrients to bring

Corn Harvest Ear display

Corn Harvest Ear Display

your soil back, so you can have good healthy crops.  Why not get back to the basics?  Call us with any questions.